Booklook issue 1 [out of stock]
Apron - Delantal

A magazine that can be unfolded and worn as an apron, which again can be refolded into a magazine.

Issue 1, presented June 2022
Price: 40 euro (VAT Included) + Shipping Costs

NL: 4,10 euro
EU: 7,75 euro
Outside EU: 11 euro

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This first issue shares a text by artist and researcher
María Naidich titled The Tseltalero Dress:
A Story About Resistance, Creation and Sharing

This text is shared in both English and Spanish within the magazine. Find more information about the content of this issue here.

Besides the contributors’ text it carries a prologue by researcher Femke de Vries. This text is shared in Arabic, Chinese, English and Spanish.
Care instructions:
This object is made from a washable paper;
Neobond 60.200 SUPER.

Please wear* and wash with care:
–Preferably wash by hand.
–Machine wash: max 30 degrees with delicate program.
–Do not tumble dry.

*Disclaimer; this object is made of Neobond 60.200 SUPER. This is a synthetic paper that doesn’t contain the OEKO TEX label.

Dimensions magazine: 20,5 x 29,5 cm
Dimensions apron: 58,5 x 81,5 cm
Pages: 16
Art Direction: Anouk Beckers
Design and Research:
Anouk Beckers & Alessandra Varisco
Graphic Design: Rietlanden Women’s Office
Text: María Naidich, Femke de Vries
Editors: Valentina Sarmiento Cruz, Hanka van der Voet
Spanish Copy Editor: Davo Valdés
English Copy Editor: Kat Addis
Translators: Carmelino Méndez Jiménez, Valentina Sarmiento Cruz, Nassima Nejjari, Dakota Guo, Guadalupe Castillo Vizuete
Full colour, printed at robstolk

The Tseltalero dress:
A Story About Resistance, Creation and Sharing

English and Spanish

BOOKLOOK – Wearing is Publishing is Reading
Arabic, Chinese, English and Spanish.