When posters become pockets, purses and pouches,
or bags

Exhibition (solo)

In continuation of Booklook, the project in which Anouk Beckers develops hybrid magazine-garments that can be unfolded and refolded in either one of them, Anouk used a residency period at Plan B to transform posters into wearable items. The results were presented in the exhibition When posters become pockets, purses and pouches, or bags at Plan B in March-April 2023, Amsterdam (NL).

In addition to the Booklook research, Anouk used the Plan B poster archive, designed by Our Polite Society, as a material to fold bags, pures, pouches and pockets from. Comprising of 36 unique textual posters (one for each exhibition organized at Plan B) it led to an extensive collection of items that can be read and used as a carrier, or both. Cut open, folded and layered, the order of the content of the poster shifts; new words surface, interact and form new narratives. Readable texts shapeshift into abstract forms. Re-arranged and re-shaped without discarding any material, Anouk shows how each single bag is defined and affected by the content of the posters and how each poster can be re-read through folding. Extending and elaborating on this folding exercise of Plan B’s poster archive, Anouk’s own exhibition poster (also designed by Our Polite Society) invites visitors to fold their own bag.

Mertens Frames Project Space by Plan B is a collaboration between Plan B and Mertens Frames. Hosted by Mertens Frames Project Space, Plan B presents a program of exhibitions and events in a former award shop in Amsterdam Noord.