The Book as an unfolded form

Exhibition (group)

Meldkamer is an artist-run gallery and project space located in Maastricht (NL).

Booklook 1 & Booklook 2
03.11.2023 - 26.11.2023
Maastricht, NL

The second edition of the annual exhibition dedicated to artists’ books in November 2023 at Meldkamer, Maastricht. This year, the focus was on exploring the multifaceted nature of a book and what it can potentially be. The exhibition showed the concept of a book as an object, a form of performance, installation, message, space, nourishment, bread, pause, work, teacher, vehicle, idea, and so much more.

Local bookmakers and artists who challenge the conventional boundaries of books have been invited to share their practices and projects: Aglaya Drobysheva, Anne Stijnen, Anouck Genthon, Ans Verdijk, Antoine Läng, Arto van Dongen, Booklook, Camilla Marrese, Carmen Gray, David Mihai, Davy van Gerven, Eleni Kamma, Emma Penders, Eylem Polat, Floor Martens, Franciska Meijers, Gersande Schellinx, Guus van Akker, Henki Willie, Isolde Venrooy, Jennifer Carniel, Jhen Chen, Jo Frenken, Jonas Löllmann, Jonas Riemersma, Jörg Theissen, Julia Aumann, Julia Fischer, LDH, LDQ, Limestone books, Liza Wolters, Lukas Cober, Lukas Malzan, Manuela Mehrwald, Marijke W. Nijland, Marjolein van der Loo, Michiel Romme, Mike Moonen, Mio Fujimaki, Miriam Calleja, Miriam Sentler, Nina Paszkowski, Olga Kokcharova, Pablo Hannon, Panita S., Pat Thomas, Paul Drissen, Plinio Razildo, Taeyoung Choi, Tanay Kandpal, Tanja Schell, Tessa Straver, Tico Vos and XT.

The Book as an unfolded form is curated by Anne Büscher. Booklook issue 2 with crochet by Rosa Mol.

Photography by Anouk Beckers & Anne Büscher